Probably not the most common subject to write about on one’s blog, but among all those fashionistas, eyebrows freaks, unusable fake jewelry, and photoshopped vacation pics, somebody should mention balls.

Sweaty, hanging, (usually) hairy balls. Nasty, yeah. But not those balls.

I don’t care about those. I care about my balls. My fucking courage to stand up, discover something amazing about myself every day, discover something awful in people who were yesterday by my side, delete numbers, cut connections to bad shit from the past, my strength to say No, courage to leave toxic places and assholes, and fucking courage to love myself in all my imperfections.

I’ve decided not to complain anymore because I don’t really appreciate other people doing it. I have decided not to ask some questions because I don’t want to give answers to those. I’ve decided to set an example of the rudest kind bitch in the world, and I’ve decided to go the long distance to make my point. I have decided to make some bad decisions just for fun, but nothing too serious. Karma is my bitch now, and I have lots of credit.

I am getting really awesome karma points every day, and for each one of my points, somebody is getting a bad one. I have someone on my mind.


Awesome Girl with Balls


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