Dicked down and free

At last, I am both. Got properly dicked down (fuck yeah) and moved on from being abused for months. Also, I got a morning text that I looove so much! It is weird how a  *Good morning gorgeous sex goddess!* text can impact your mood for the day. It took the guy less than 10 seconds to write it, but it shows and does so so much. I am a goddess, I always was, he is right. I just forgot that absolute truth because my beautiful soul was hurting. However, nothing lasts forever.

I was a good girl and sent some pretty good vibes to the Universe by helping a psychopath get better, so I earned some awesome karma points. Can’t wait for the bitch to hit me back, hopefully with a big pink penis and life-long affection. And morning texts, of course. Bitches love those.

In the last two months, I survived four broken bones, the worst type of Dengue fever (conveniently named ‘bone-breaking fever’), and I broke an already broken bone. I somehow lost one of my best friends for loving a sadist, and I lost connection to my mother for the same reason, but she will come back.

I am a badass queen, right?

I haven’t cried in days and I didn’t miss anyone. I hate the feeling of missing someone. Especially if you miss a monstrous and cruel worthless piece of shit like I did. I am so happy for this now. And let me tell you, reinventing yourself is a wonderful experience once you hit the finish line. The very process was painful and heartbreaking, but that is what love does to you. I am richer for more than 50 books on mental issues and relationships, a new sense of self, and one wonderful and strong woman who helped me go through this, who is now my friend. And funny enough, the same monster hurt her, too. But the girls have had it enough. And I might keep the guy who woke up my inner sex goddess. His dick is beautiful, he has no addictions, and he sends morning messages. For now, I am fine. Fuck me, I AM FINE.

I might even start eating coriander, I feel like I can do anything. Dirty thirties, man. The world is mine and my milkshake brings all the boys to me. I love this city, I love my house, I love myself more than ever before, and I am bitchier to idiots. I love being me!

I love my non-existent boobs and my gray hairs. I love the bruises he left on my skin, and I love the feeling of loving it all. I am not accepting fake apologies and don’t care about promises. It’s a shame that you have to go through hell barefoot only to find yourself, but it is over, finally. Demons from the past should stay in that hell, and that is why I sealed the door on my way out. I know it’s hot and uncomfortable, but I am a bitch to idiots. I am going to melt the key, so they stay there forever, miserable and alone. And I am going to be adored and appreciated while sucking someone else’s dick.

A true goddess deserves respect, a guy who will put a pillow under her knees and sends morning messages. Ladies, never settle for less, and never, never, never give second chances to narcissists. No, don’t even hang out with them. Those are worthless liars unable of caring for anyone. And you deserve wonderful men with souls and hearts. Men that work hard for what they want and have time for you when they are busy. Only the time they give you when they have no time matters. Don’t be with a guy who will let you go to bed angry or hurt. Don’t ever justify their bullshit and don’t be in love with someone who controls your life by putting you on hold. I am lucky that I learned all this from one sick individual so I won’t go through this again. Universe has painful ways of teaching us life wisdom, but fuck me if I am not a better person now. I got control over my life and now I know that empowering a psychopath was the dumbest thing I have ever chosen to do.

I need to go melt that key and draw a cover tattoo coz I was stupid enough to get one with the fakest person alive, then have some sex.  I love you all (today only, I am still being me, if you know what I mean).

Stay hydrated and do your squats.


Thanks for reading.





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