I think I am a fish

I am forgetting so many things on a daily basis so it’s clear to me I am a fish. Some of them could have made me a billionaire so far, but what is a fish to do? Forget and start all over, naturally.

So, in order to never forget anything again, I’ve decided to set up an online diary with all things that matter to me, and I really, I mean really, feel pretty comfortable with you stealing my laundry here. It would be nice of you to ask first, but it doesn’t really matter. There are no shortcuts in life, so good luck with implementing my hacks.

It’s the end of this shitty year, I can’t wait for the new one to slap us around, hopefully, with some more important achievements, less animals abuse and more money. Yes, more money, so I could by my BF a special gift. And a car. And a new house. And an island. Why not…

We all have the exact same number of hours daily, what is a fish to do with its? I know it’s impossible to leave anything for later, as said before, I will forget. So, let’s make this story work.


I love fireworks, witches, cucumbers, cooking, hand crafts, books, obviously writing. You will get very little of the things I love, because they don’t count enough. I will try (my best, preferably) to keep you entertained, informed and if you are my enemies – I’ll keep you close. Sometimes I get a curious feeling that I am really a genius, sometimes I am just a bragging dumb ass.

This is the closest you’ll get to SmartAssIsh.



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